About Our Parish
The Churches of St. Mary and St. Henry

Swiss settlers.  In 1899, 62 families of the growing parish left St. Henry
to establish the new Church of St. Mary in Le Center.  Since then, many
pastors have individually served each parish.  In 2005, with the
retirement of St. Henry's pastor, the pastor of St. Mary's was appointed
since.  In addition to sharing a pastor, the parishes share a program in
Religious Education and publish a combined parish bulletin and
newsletter.  St. Mary's houses and cares for the sacramental records
of both parishes.  Each parish has its own trustees and cares for
its own finances.  The new Parish Center at St. Mary's was
completed and blessed in July 2006.  In 2006, we collaborated to
produce a joint pictorial directory.

Since the 1990's, we have welcomed the growing Hispanic community
as an integral part of our life and worship.  We look forward to the
future of working together as we continue in our Faith Journey.
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About Our Parish